The following lots are offered for sale by closed bid auction. Please take your time to browse through the Catalogue and, if you wish to bid for one or more of the lots, please send an email to quoting the lot number, its description, your bid and your name. You will receive a reply confirming your bid within 24 hours.

This is a fundraising event – all proceeds will be go to support Beckenham Photographic Society’s Centenary Celebrations, but a donation will be made to The Disabled Photographers’ Association, so, please bid generously. A price range below that typically asked by online retailers is quoted as a guide to the value of each item, but the expectation is that successful bids are likely to be around the upper limit of that range or even higher.   

The highest bid for each item arriving before 10.00pm on Friday 12 February will be accepted. The successful bidders will be approached by email the following day to make convenient arrangements for payment and collection of the lots you have purchased. If there are two or more equal highest bids, the bid received first will be the winning bid.

If you would like more information about any of the lots, please ask by email to  quoting the lot number and description.

REMEMBER. Send in your bid before 10.00pm on Friday 12 February. 

Email your bids to