Exhibition Results - 2022-23

We had a very successful exhibition this year, held at Christ Church, Beckenham and judged by Tim Morland.

There were 91 print entries and 60 PDI entries.

The award winners are listed below.

Best Print – Blue Window by Lesley Rees ARPS

Best PDI – Homage to Vermeer by Polina Plotnikova FRPS, EFIAP

Best Landscape – Impressions of Autumn by David Rees

(c) David Rees

Best Nature – Red Grouse by Tom Maguire

(c) Tom Maguire

Best Portrait – Proud of the Past by Roger Ford FRPS, EFIAP/p

(c) Roger Ford

Best Record/Still Life – Red Flamingo Flower by Polina Plotnikova FRPS, EFIAP

As ever, the people have spoken, and their votes cast, the winners are:


1st Place: The colours of Spring by Dr Barrie Brown CPAGB

(c) Barrie Brown

2nd Place: Moon Light Fantasy by Mike Shave

(c) Mike Shave


1st Place: Silent Hunting by Dr Barrie Brown CPAGB

2nd Place: Golden Rock by Sheree Dodd

(c) Sheree Dodd