Various members have been on photographic workshops organised by outside companies or photographers.

Details are listed below.

(Note that Beckenham PS takes no responsibility for the quality of these – all that can be said is that they have been enjoyed by many of our members).

Noel Baldewijns runs very good workshops on Architectural and Long Exposure photography. Mainly in Europe (including the UK). Very good value, especially with the after service he provides. Small Groups. Unlike some workshops, he does not take his camera and so is 100% focussed on the participants. Details can be found here.

Justin Minns workshops cater for all levels focusing on Landscape photography the groups are small and the programs well-constructed, various areas of the U.K. and some further afield. Details can be found here.

Steve Hedges runs very good workshops, specialising in nature and landscapes in various locations in Britain, and comes highly recommended by various BPS members. Details can be found here.