Other Interesting Photo Sites

Mirage Group: Images from a group of photographers mainly based in the Kent area are here.

Spectrum Photo Art: Images from a group of women photographers including Lesley, Sandy and Nenne from BPS are here.

Arena Group: A group a top photographers in the south of England. Their home page is here, and their galleries are here.

Clive Haynes: Useful site for digital photography techniques is here.

Linda Pitkin: Linda has given a number of talks on underwater photography to BPS. You’ll find some of her amazing images on her web site here.

Glyn Dewis: For tips on retouching images glyndewis.com is very useful, and subscribing to his newsletter is very worthwhile. The videos section contains very useful step-by-step explanations of varoius retouching techniques.

PhotoStartSheet.com puts photographers in touch with over 500 of the world’s top photo resources


Photography Talk provides detailed and long-form guides on a range of photography topics, from beginner (Exposure triangle, Sunny 16 rule etc.) to more advanced such as astrophotography, landscape and nature photography.