Print Panels 2022-23

The Annual Print Panel Competition was held, judged by Alan Lomakin CPAGB, BPE3*, AFIAP

Top three places for each of the two sections are as follows:

Caithness Bowl for Standard/Intermediate Class

1st place: Flying Scotsman Centenary 1923-2023 by Paul Bentley

2nd place: Hannah and her home in Norfolk by David Roberts

3rd place: Portraits of Isabella by Nigel Poole

Blackbourn Trophy for Advanced Class

1st place: Play with Leaves by Nenne van Dijk FRPS

2nd place: Nebulae by Tom Maguire

3rd place: Kaleidoscopes by Fred Barrington FRPS, AFIAP

Congratulations to all.

Below is a list of the other entries (all in the advanced class). and in no particular order:

Street Rainbow by Fred Barrington FRPS, AFIAP

Beautiful bugs and beetles by Dr Barrie Brown CPAGB

Frosty Beach by Carole Dowd

Love in the Mist by Carole Dowd

Shades and Shapes by Angela Ford ARPS

Unforgotten by Roger Ford FRPS

Study on a sunflower by Cathey Myers LRPS

Flying Past by Cathy Myers LRPS

Dancers by Cathy Roberts FRPS

Lockdown 4:30am by Cathy Roberts FRPS

Autumn Colour at Sheffield Park by Mike Shave

Dried Foliage by Nenne van Dijk FRPS

Clouds by David Wood ARPS