Print Competition Series 2018-19

The leading images in each of the Print Competition rounds will be shown below. The final mark is calculated from the best mark in each round plus the best remaining mark, resulting in a maximum score of 50. 

Standard Class
110Lacey UmbrelsAlison Kirkby
 9.5NigellaJonathan Haslam
210Abstract Interiors, RocaClaire Gholub
 9.5JoJune Douglas
310Winter is ComingSue Nichols
 10Stormy Sky at ScorhillSue Nichols
 9.5KniphofiaAlison Kirkby
 9Woods on woodAlison Kirkby
410Simply CurvedAlison Kirkby
 9.5Magnoli-oliasAlison Kirkby
 9Piggy Back TimePeter Sullivan
 9Chocolate PansyPeter Sullivan
Overall47.51stAlison Kirkby
 452ndSue Nichols
 433rdPeter Sullivan
Intermediate Class
110Iris on the MoveMike Psyllides LRPS
 10Bearded FlyLaura Barsi
 9.5Rustic CharmMarcia Hood-Leeder
 9.5Felux the Cathedral CatLaura Barsi
210The Eleventh HourBill Gray LRPS CPAGB
 10AutumnBill Gray LRPS CPAGB
 9.5Newly Emerged DamselflyLaura Barsi
310The MatriarchBill Gray LRPS CPAGB
 10OrchidCathy Myers LRPS
 9.5Misty Sunrise at the Diana FountainCarole Dowd
 9.5EnnuiBill Gray LRPS CPAGB
410North American LynxBill Gray LRPS CPAGB
 10PollinatorLaura Barsi
 10A Slipped HaloBill Gray LRPS CPAGB
 10The Morning FogCarole Dowd
Overall481stLaura Barsi
 462ndCarole Dowd
 43.53rdMarcia Hood-Leeder
Advanced Class
110Reflecting on ImpressionismAndrew Moss
 10In Flight GullSandy White DPAGB
 10Patterns Within Golden FenellDavid Rees
 10Four-Spotted ChaserBarrie Brown LRPS
210Nearly FinishedFred Barrington ARPS AFIAP
 10Little IlincaBrian Hunt
 10HeadlinesAngela Ford ARPS EFIAP
 10Bathers by the Ganges at dawn, VaranasiDavid Pollard ARPS
310Street corner scene, CalcuttaDavid Pollard ARPS
 10Body PartsBrian Hunt
 10Dancing IrisPolina Plotnikova ARPS, EFIAP
 10Tiger LongwingBarrie Brown LRPS
410Little PerformerPolina Plotnikova ARPS, EFIAP
 10Family PortraitPolina Plotnikova ARPS, EFIAP
 10Afterburn JellyKeith Surey LRPS
 10Centrale (with 2 pigeons)Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP
Overall491stPolina Plotnikova ARPS, EFIAP
 47.52ndBarrie Brown LRPS
 46.53rd=Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP
 46.53rd=Brian Hunt
 46.53rd=David Rees